E(3) Equivariant Neural Network Tutorial

‼ This tutorial page is for e3nn verisons < 0.2. Please see the e3nn User Guide for more up to date examples.

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Tutorials by Tess E. Smidt

(with additional contributions by Mario Geiger and Josh Rackers)

Tess gives a special thanks to Mario Geiger, Ben Miller, Kostiantyn Lapchevskyi for all they do for the e3nn repo and them, Daniel Murnane, and Sean Lubner for many conversations that lead to the generation of the tutorial notebooks.

Recommended Reading


For code examples, we will be using the e3nn repository. Installation instructions can be found here. To test your installation of e3nn, we recommend running the following code example.

To follow along during the tutorial, we recommend you clone the tutorial repository in addition to installing e3nn.

git clone git@github.com:blondegeek/e3nn_tutorial.git

Tutorial notebooks

Why notebook AND html?

For the notebooks that use plotly the notebooks are distributed without cells executed because the plots are large (because Tess made them too high-resolution… oops.). If you download the HTML verison, you can interact with the plots without needing to execute the code.


If you find these tutorials helpful for your research, please consider citing us!

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Got feedback on the code tutorials?

Tess wants to hear all about it, so please, please, please write Tess an email at tsmidt@lbl.gov or blondegeek@gmail.com! The goal is to make these notebooks maximally useful to others.

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