Tess E. Smidt


Luis W. Alvarez Postdoctoral Fellow in Computing Sciences, Berkeley Lab

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Toward the systematic generation of hypothetical atomic structures: Neural networks and geometric motifs – Structure in the Microworld at TGDA@OSU

Tensor Field Networks – Foundational and Applied Data Science for Molecular and Materials Science and Engineering at Lehigh University

Tensor Field Networks – Informal Seminar at the Flatiron Insitute

A case study of neural networks for scientific data: generating atomic structures – APS March Meeting (abstract)

Toward the systematic generation of hypothetical atomic structures: Neural networks and geometric motifs – SIAM CSE (abstract)


Tensor Field Networks (slides)NeuRIPs Molecules and Materials Workshop

Becoming an Atomic Architect (slides) (video)Computational Materials at Berkeley

Toward the Systematic Generation of Hypothetical Atomic Structures: Neural Networks and Geometric Motifs – Molecular Foundry Seminar (Berkeley Lab)

ML for Atomic Systems: Challenges and Applications – ML4Science Workshop (Berkeley Lab)

Tensor Field Networks – Google Tech Talk


Ab Automated Ab Initio Search for Ferroelectrics (slides) – Qualifying Exam UC Berkeley Physics Department

An Automated Ab Initio Framework for Identifying New Ferroelectrics – APS March Meeting


Geometry and Electronic Structure of Metal-Organic Chalcogenide Assemblies (slides) – Molecular Foundry Inorganic Facility Seminar

An Automated Ab Initio Approach for Identify Small Band Gap Ferroelectrics – APS March Meeting


Ab Initio Simulations of the Structure and Energetics of Harmonic Honeycomb Iridates – APS March Meeting


A New Spin-anisotropic Harmonic Honeycomb Iridate (slides) – Molecular Foundry Theory Facility Seminar

Spin Ordering Studies of Edge-sharing Iridates – APS March Meeting


Beam Target Optimization for DAEdALUS (slides)– APS April Meeting


Building Neutrino Detectors (slides) – MIT Family Weekend Physics Reception

Light Detection in Liquid Argon Time Project Chambers – Fermilab New Perspectives Conference



A Self-Assembled Bulk 2D Semiconductor (pdf) – Molecular Foundry Users Meeting


Designing Electronic Properties of Metal-Organic Chalcogenides (pdf) – Molecular Foundry Users Meeting


Acrylic Lightguides for Use in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers (pdf) – Fermilab Users Meeting